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Nursing home in Málaga

About us

Our Residence Golden Age is located in a nice and very well connected area of Málaga. We are meeting the beautiful promenade of Antonio Machado, where adults enjoy and benefit from the sea breeze and contemplating the sea.

Since 1999, we serve our elders with great professionalism and closeness. We are known for giving a familiar and personalized treatment. Each of our residents is unique to us.

We are a great family

We have 22 beds for both assisted and for valid.

The limited space available is precisely what fosters a family atmosphere and what makes Golden Age Residence a second home for the elderly.

We treat each with closeness and affection. Furthermore, it is also very important, we are the only major center for low cost from 1 000 euros per square.

Our prices are very advantageous, since only charge the services rendered and do not have extra charges.